Xiamen to become intl exhibition center

2021-03-04 17:00

A series of measures to promote the development of the exhibition industry in Xiamen, East China's Fujian province, took effect on March 1.

The measures, which consist of 41 articles, focus on improving services and cultivating talent and will give full play of the city's strengths in order to build Xiamen into a model for China's exhibition industry, as well as an international exhibition center.

Let's take a look at some of the details of the measures.

Improving Xiamen's competitiveness in the exhibition industry

Xiamen was among the first cities in China to develop an exhibition industry, which has since become a key part of the city's modern service sector. It is also one of 10 industrial chains worth 100 billion yuan ($15.46 billion) that Xiamen plans to build.

The measures will boost the city's exhibition industry, including internationalization, branding, and digitalization, via a new scientific development layout, long-term service mechanisms, preferential policies, and industrial funds.

Due to the highly market-oriented development of Xiamen's exhibition industry, the local government will work to improve its business environment and offer support and initiatives to enhance its competitiveness.

Forming a new economic system centered on exhibitions

The measures also focus on industrial integration and will make full use of professional exhibition platforms to promote the city's welcoming environment and policies, attract investment, and expand local industrial chains.

Xiamen will work to develop local exhibition brands while also bringing in professional conference and exhibition organizers. It plans to host a group of influential events with Xiamen characteristics to drive economic development and boost its reputation.

The city will also take advantages of large events such as China International Fair for Investment and Trade and the China Film Golden Rooster Awards, both held in Xiamen, to cultivate medium and small-sized international and professional exhibitions with industrial clout.

Promoting cooperation with international organizers

According to the measures, Xiamen will continue its global marketing and promotion campaign to promote international cooperation in the exhibition industry.

The city will work to introduce renowned international organizers and activities and independently host economic and technological conferences and exhibitions in accordance with the regulations of overseas institutions.

The city also encourages local organizers to expand overseas and strengthen communication with leading international organizers such as Deutsche Messe AG and Messe Frankfurt.

The government plans to introduce preferential policies to encourage these companies to set up branches in Xiamen or partner with local institutions while also bringing in overseas exhibitions.

Facilitating cross-Straits exchange

Xiamen has played a leading role in promoting exchange with Taiwan by holding frequent cross-Straits events. The 2020 Xiamen Industry Expo, which took place last July, was attended by more than 600 machinery and electronics companies.

According to the measures, Xiamen will take advantage of cross-Straits fairs to promote cooperation between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland in trade and logistics, culture and tourism, financial services, screen displays, computing, software and information, and semiconductors, and integrated circuits.

Speeding up digitalization of exhibitions

Xiamen worked with Alibaba Group in 2020 to upgrade the online edition of CIFIT, and many other fairs were also held both online and offline.

The measures encouraged organizers and venues to host online fairs powered by modern information technology and develop new business models through innovation in services, management, and marketing.

The city will continue to optimize its big data platform for exhibitions in order to meet the diverse needs of organizers.

Improving services and efficiency

In light of local exhibition companies' needs, the measures make clear the responsibilities of government departments at all levels, upgrade the management system, and establish requirements for services.

The measures highlight the importance of cooperation between public security, fire, and health departments, which will not only increase service quality and work efficiency, but also reduce the cost of law enforcement. Industrial standards and a credit system for the exhibition industry is also being planned.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]
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